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The Importance Of Skiing

Aug 22, 2017

Snow reflection on the sun is strong, more bright light glare; even cloudy or cloudy weather, the snow refraction of ultraviolet light is also very strong. In addition, the wind in the mountains will stimulate the eyes, easy to tears and feel tingling, snow and ice crystals may also enter the eyes with the wind, Ski Goggles especially high-speed taxi, the eyes more easily penetrate foreign body. And skiing through the woods, the branches may also poke the eyes.

The above describes the importance of skiing.

Some people like to wear sunglasses to replace the ski mirror, not knowing the sunglasses will bring hidden dangers. If you accidentally fall, even if the lens is durable and not fragile, Ski Goggles will not cause scratches or cut, but the temples are likely to hurt people. Therefore, in the case of the case, or try to wear a special ski mirror.

Now the function of skiing mirror has been very comprehensive and diverse. UV protection is already an essential function, can filter all three types of ultraviolet (UVA, UVB and UVC).

Most of today's skiing mirrors use even less foggy double lenses, which is especially important for skiing. The gap between the two lenses forms an effective insulation (like double glazing) so that the water vapor does not condense on the lens.

Anti-fog coating can also be effective anti-fog. In the high-end skiing mirror are coated with a layer of anti-fog coating, can effectively prevent fog. General anti-fog coating is evenly applied to the inside of the lining lens. So when cleaning the ski mirror, pay attention to not be able to wipe the inside of the lens. Skiing in the anti-fog coating is easy to be scratched, even with a soft cloth, Ski Goggles will be anti-fog coating scrub. If the inside of the lens when skiing fog, and should stop to make the fog to speed up the evaporation, to restore a clear vision.

In order to better prevent fogging, the ski mirror also has a special design for vent or vents, often on the top, sides or bottom of the snow mirror. Ski Goggles The role of the exhaust hole is to form convection, to avoid exhaled hot air in the cold mirror condensation fog.

In the absence of wearing a helmet, without snow, it is recommended not to wear a ski mirror on the head. Because the head will evaporate a lot of sweat, hot gas accompanied by continuous evaporation of water vapor, Ski Goggles will let the snow mirror fog. The correct way is to hang the ski mirror under the chin.

Skiing mirror function

Sunny, cloudy, foggy and snowy days on the line of sight is very different, so need to wear different colors of skiing mirror. Yellow lenses can enhance visual acuity and shadow and depth of perception, in the dull lighting or haze / cloudy weather in the use of the best; orange can enhance the shadow perception, suitable for fog or cloudy weather; brown can increase the contrast , For the strong light; gray can restore the true color, suitable for bright sunshine; rose to increase the depth of perception, Ski Goggles suitable for plain; bronze can increase the contrast and depth perception, suitable for fog and cloudy; transparent color for most Lighting conditions, especially snow weather, sunset and night environment; gold can enhance the shadow perception and contrast, called "Almighty lenses." Conditions of the skiing enthusiasts can be prepared according to different weather different colors of the ski mirror, and some ski instruments can even replace the lens, which is more convenient than to prepare to pay more snow.