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The Importance Of Ski Goggles

Sep 13, 2017

Ski mirror is a kind of goggles, the main role is in the snow to prevent water vapor, snow, ice on the eyes of the injury, the market price from 100 yuan to 5000 yuan, how to choose their own ski mirror to be considered from the following several aspects.


The fog-preventing function of the ski mirror is mainly on the inner lens, Ski Goggles the material of the inside lens is cellulose acetate Board (CP sheet), is a kind of resin, this kind of sheet water absorbent is stronger, after the mist treatment plate can be at 75 degrees Celsius, the diameter 6CM sink vent hole on 20 seconds does not have fog.

Cellulose acetate sheet Prices are very expensive, Ski Goggles the domestic plate is not up to optical standards, at present more than 95% of the anti-fog tablets for import, fog-proof for the permanent fog.

So buy a ski mirror to buy cellulose acetate sheet as a mirror of the endoscope.


There are 2 kinds of mirror lenses, one is spherical mirror, the other is cylindrical lens.

A mirror-fitted ski lens has a wider view, with a general thickness of 1.4MM, but the convex part of the spherical mirror is easily scratched.

The thickness of the cylindrical mirror is 2, one is 1.4MM, one is 0.8MM, Ski Goggles different thickness of the lens impact resistance is not the same.

1. The cost of 4MM cylindrical mirror and the mirror is almost the same, the impact resistance is the same, everyone in the choice of the time to think that the stigma mirror is a wrong understanding.

China currently does not have ski-related national standards, so most of the ski mirror sales in China using the European CE standard, Ski Goggles when buying a look at the picture frame there is no CE mark.

The importance of ski goggles.

Some people like to wear sunglasses instead of ski goggles, but the sunglasses will bring hidden dangers. If you accidentally fall, even if the lens is rugged and hard to break, Ski Goggles will not cause scratches or cuts, but the mirror leg may stab people. Therefore, in the case of possible, or try to wear a special ski mirror.

Today, ski goggles are very versatile and comprehensive. Anti-UV is already an essential feature that filters all 3 types of ultraviolet (UVA, UVB and UVC).

Most ski mirrors now use two-tier lenses that are less prone to fog, which is especially important for skiing. The gap between the two layers of lenses forms an effective insulating layer (like a double layer of glass) so that water vapor does not condense on the lens.

Anti-fogging coating can also effectively prevent fog. Middle-and high-end ski goggles are coated with a layer of mist-proof coating, which can effectively prevent fog. The general mist coating is evenly applied to the inside of the inner lens. So when cleaning the ski goggles, Ski Goggles be careful not to wipe the inside of the lens. The fog-proof coating in the ski goggles is easily scratched, and even with a soft cloth, Ski Goggles the mist-proof coating will be rubbed. If the inner lens of the ski is foggy, stop and let the mist evaporate and restore the clear vision.

In order to better prevent fog, ski goggles are also designed with vent holes or vents, often at the top, sides or bottom of the snow mirror. The role of the vent is to form convection, avoiding the condensation of the hot air in the icy mirror.

In the absence of a helmet, it is recommended that you do not wear a ski mirror on your head without a snow mirror. Because the top of the head will evaporate a lot of sweat, Ski Goggles the heat along with the water vapor constantly evaporation, will let the ski mirror fog. The correct way is to hang the ski mirror under the chin.