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Sunglasses On The Eye Protection Efforts

Aug 01, 2017

Sunglasses can prevent light exposure. High-quality sunglasses is to protect the light exposure, through the lens transmission, such as serious, will cause the natural contraction of the iris eyes, reach the limit when people will squint. So if you can not effectively prevent the light exposure, Sunglasses it will cause the occurrence of eye damage problems, and high-quality sunglasses in this regard can do so can filter up to 97% of the light damage.

Sunglasses can effectively avoid ultraviolet radiation, because the ultraviolet rays have damage to the cornea and retinal characteristics, so the ability of anti-ultraviolet ability, Sunglasses but also we judge a very important basis.

For the surface, the glass wall, the ground, because it can reflect a lot of light, disturb the line of sight or cause visual objects hidden phenomenon, so the effective use of polarizing technology to eliminate glare, is also a feature of sunglasses.

Some of the frequency of light will cause visual impairment, Sunglasses resulting in blurred vision problems, and some of the frequency of light will enhance the contrast, so that the line of sight to see more clearly. So choose a good color of the correct sunglasses, so that some of the light of the line of sight to play a high frequency of light, but also a major advantage of high-quality sunglasses.

Want to know what color sunglasses, you first want to sunglasses on which the color, as well as different colors of sunglasses have what kind of characteristics to understand. Under normal circumstances, the color of sunglasses are divided into gray, brown, green and so on. Color sunglasses, their protection and visual effects will be better, and if you just want to mix or dress, then recommend you choose the bright color of the sunglasses, Sunglasses in order to show your personal style and charm The

In addition to the above three colors, the color of the sunglasses are yellow, red and pure blue, and now talk about their respective advantages. First, the yellow line can be 100% absorption of ultraviolet light and blue, and the blue light absorption, but also let the eyes to see things, suitable for shooting, Sunglasses hunting and other groups. Second, the red line is also a sunglasses among the best light barrier. Third, the gray lens has become a lot of consumer choice, it can absorb the full UV, and the visual effect is better, will not let the eyes see the scene when the color changes.

In addition, there are green sunglasses, although it and the gray line can be 100% of the absorption of ultraviolet light, but encountered red, blue light, Sunglasses you can block the outside, protect the eyes, and choose this sunglasses will Giving a comfortable feeling of cool, the protection of the eye will be very large. Of course, this is only my personal advice, the specific circumstances to be based on personal aesthetic and preferences to decide.

Because each person's aesthetic and preferences are different, so for sunglasses what color is good this problem, and there is no very precise answer. Only in the choice, Sunglasses from the individual needs to start, choose a suitable for their own sunglasses color like.