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Sunglasses Maintenance Method

Aug 22, 2017

Sunglasses are mainly used as shade, also known as sunshade, generally have to prevent the light, ultraviolet and glare and other functions, can reduce eye fatigue and light damage caused by injury, belonging to the category of personal eye protection products, now Sunglasses in the design does not upgrade, sunglasses has become a fashion trend of fashion, personalized fashion elements and sunglasses combination, so that more people put it down.

In fact, sunglasses in the market, sunglasses can be divided into many types, different types of sunglasses on the ultraviolet, glare, glare protection is not the same, Sunglasses and which polarized sunglasses more popular by consumers, especially the driver Friends, choose a polarized sunglasses can often have a better, clearer, Sunglasses more healthy vision. However, many people wearing sunglasses are too casual, for the maintenance of sunglasses does not attach importance. But I do not know, maintenance of sunglasses can not only extend the use of sunglasses time, but also can better ensure the role of sunglasses eye protection.

Sunglasses maintenance and maintenance of ordinary glasses the same, regular cleaning, the correct storage should develop good habits. Because the sunglasses from time to time to clean, the box is easy to accumulate dirt, paper rub or nail pull is not correct practice, easy to bruise sunglasses products. Second, Sunglasses many friends do not need to wear sunglasses, often with the sunglasses hanging on the head, neckline, pocket, or on the seat, on the desk, handbags, etc., these storage methods are easy to scratch Or crash sunglasses, experts recommend sunglasses is best stored in the corresponding glasses box or easy to wet the drawer.

Sunglasses is a lot of fashion people around the essential items, sunglasses can not only play the role of blocking ultraviolet rays, if you choose a good fit for their own sunglasses to wear, you can set off their own face, change their temperament, so to buy Sunglasses can be sloppy, need to observe the quality of the sunglasses, material, color, shape, and finally carefully selected for their own sunglasses. So in the end how to buy sunglasses? What do you need to pay attention to when buying? The following is about how to buy sunglasses some personal advice, hope to help everyone.

First, the purchase of sunglasses, we must pay attention to observe the quality of sunglasses lens.

To pick a good flat sunglasses, first to observe the quality of its lenses meet the standard, you can move the sunglasses to the light at the fine view, if the lens feel smooth, no scratches or bubbles, no other flaws, Sunglasses no strange bumps Uncomfortable words, then the quality of sunglasses is also good, if the contrary, said the quality is poor. In addition, binocular vision can be selected under the guidance of professional service staff with the degree of sunglasses, Sunglasses the proposed selection of high transmittance of myopia polarized sunglasses to wear.

Second, the purchase of sunglasses, according to the needs of the purchase of the appropriate material sunglasses.

Sunglasses lens material is roughly divided into seven kinds: glass lenses, resin lenses, PC lenses, nylon lenses, AC lenses, polarized lenses, eccentric lenses.

First of all, the glass lens sunglasses is characterized by high clarity, Sunglasses but the drawback is that the lens is heavier and easy to break;

Resin lens sunglasses is characterized by light weight, and can effectively block the UV, to meet most people on the daily wear of sunglasses needs;

PC lens sunglasses is not easy to break the characteristics of impact, so more suitable for sports wear such sunglasses;

Nylon lens sunglasses is characterized by impact resistance, impact resistance, Sunglasses suitable for wearing as a protective device;

AC lens sunglasses features a high perspective, suitable for wearing haze in the weather when wearing:

Polarized lens sunglasses features almost all the advantages of the lens above, but also very suitable for the daily or outdoor sports to wear,

Eccentric lens sunglasses is characterized by a high degree of clarity, can protect the eyes, suitable for more emphasis on the protection of vision to wear.

Third, the purchase of sunglasses, according to their own needs to buy the appropriate color lens lens.

Now the sunglasses lens has a lot of colors to choose from, but if you only want to buy daily wear sunglasses, it is recommended to choose the highest clarity, Sunglasses not easy to cause eye fatigue brown, gray or green lens sunglasses ; Blue lens sunglasses are more suitable for wearing a beach in the hot sun and other places; yellow lens sunglasses suitable for wearing at night travel; silver lens sunglasses are more suitable for people who often wear in outdoor sports; as other colors of sunglasses are High decorative, Sunglasses just according to the needs of the lens color selection of moderate, suitable for their own sunglasses like.

Fourth, the purchase of sunglasses, according to their own face with the purchase of their own sunglasses.

Many people buy sunglasses are to make themselves look more type, then the purchase of sunglasses, they have to carefully selected the shape of the frame for their own face sunglasses. For example: the more common square face is suitable for wearing a corner rounded, inverted trapezoidal thick frame sunglasses; oval face is more suitable for wearing a moderate thickness of the frame, the shape of the oval sunglasses. Suggest that other faces of the older friends the best choice of the framework of the larger wide sunglasses, so that they can set off their face slightly smaller, but also more on the mirror.

Fifth, the purchase of sunglasses, we must pay attention to view the sunglasses on the tag, and according to the information on the tag to buy sunglasses.

Usually in the regular optical shop or sunglasses store purchase sunglasses, you will find sunglasses on the framework of a small tag tied, the tag will usually mark the QS certification logo, sunglasses origin, (UV) UV index, lens And frame material, etc., it is recommended in the purchase of sunglasses, it is best to carefully check the tag on the information in line with their own requirements, and then decide whether to buy. Sunglasses Also do not recommend the purchase of no QS certification logo sunglasses, because this type of sunglasses without quality assurance, lenses or frames are mostly rough.

Sixth, buy sunglasses, it is recommended to try to wear and then choose to buy comfortable to wear sunglasses.

Although most people pay more attention to the decorative or practical sunglasses, but comfortable to wear is also very important, it is recommended to go to the optical shop to buy sunglasses, it is best to choose to buy before buying a sunglasses, if you wear No discomfort, depending on the material clear without distortion, will not cause visual fatigue, then it can. Also in the try to wear sunglasses can also be a special mirror, see sunglasses shape or color is not suitable for their face and skin color, and then purchase.

Seven, the best choice in the right place to buy quality guaranteed sunglasses.

It is recommended that if you want to buy sunglasses, the best choice in the large-scale regular optical shop to choose to buy, sunglasses brand, quality and other guarantees, but also facilitate the consumer in the trial, the scene after the purchase of sunglasses; but if you intend to pass Online shopping way to buy sunglasses, then the best choice in the reputable shop, big brand official website or monopoly shop to buy sunglasses, Sunglasses if you intend to purchase through overseas way to buy sunglasses, it is best to let the other show a small Tickets, sunglasses tag real photo, it is also more at ease.