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Sunglasses Is The Necessary Artifacts

Oct 31, 2017

Sunglasses to prevent ultraviolet light, dust, better protection of the eyes!

Sunglasses can block ultraviolet and infrared, while the color of the external environment does not change, only the light intensity changes, as if cloudy, like a cool and comfortable feeling.

Sunglasses is a fashionable influx of people must be a single product, it can not only modify our face, but also for your overall shape considerably. In the fashion industry there is such a famous saying, "sunglasses is the only one can instantly give a star face things." Sunglasses can change a person's gas field, Sunglasses which I believe that many people are deeply understand! Usually normal camera when passers-by can no longer passers-by, Sunglasses but once you wear sunglasses, forced to raise several times more than immediately! Therefore, we can often See the stars to use sunglasses to concave modeling, fashion and tide range of children instantly blowing.

Correct selection of sunglasses? Keep in mind the two main points

1. First of all, for how to select the sunglasses this problem, LOHO Jun is not recommended to you indiscriminately! Because, as long as you try to wear a few glasses shop, you can quickly find their favorite style, Sunglasses I am here to bid farewell to the selection of cattle to be straightforward. After all, "beauty" never only a definition, and sunglasses is a strong personal characteristics of the accessories.

2. However, before you enter the optical shop, you have to master some basic precautions, which can make you in the chest. Even if the face may encounter the hype of the sale, but also ease. Especially the poor quality of the sunglasses can not see and can not resist UV, the result is the pupil to enlarge, so that the eye lens intake of more ultraviolet, so we must choose a reputable large optical shop to buy.

(1) the quality of the lens: buy the front of the lens to be smooth, no scratches, try to look at how to see the visual effects, if you find a straight line distortion or swing situation, Sunglasses indicating that the lens has been deformed, poor quality, The Therefore, it is recommended in the purchase of sunglasses, the choice of glass lens material or resin lens material sunglasses products.

(2) whether it has the effect of blocking the UV: the general genuine sunglasses will have a label, the label generally have ANTI-UV words, are genuine sunglasses products. However, in the choice, the best choice for 100% ANTI-UV words of sunglasses, blocking ultraviolet more obvious.

(3) the shape of the frame: because the sunglasses is a single product fashion, Sunglasses so when the best choice in the purchase of a larger frame, and mirror legs slightly wide sunglasses, so you can block the surrounding reflection of light.

(4) the color of the lens: the selection of sunglasses, the best choice of the lens is relatively deep, because the lens is shallow, often may be inferior products, light transmission is not good, Sunglasses will cause visual blurred phenomenon.

(5) UV protection: According to the US Food and Drug Administration (F · D · A) standard, the lens to ensure the light transmittance at the same time, if you can filter out more than 90% of the sun's ultraviolet light, 100PROTCT10N "label, when the lens can be 100% filter UV, should be affixed to" UV-400PROTCT10N "label. Generally abbreviated as "UV-100" and "UV-400". In the purchase of sunglasses, we must pay attention to view the lens of the UV label.

(6) Polarizer: also marked as polarizer or polarizer. As we know, usually the sun is scattered in all directions, when irradiated to the object when the re-directional reflex open. Especially when projected on the road, the water and the snow, often have a strong light glare dazzling, making the visual easy fatigue, Sunglasses can not be long as the material. To the outdoor activities caused by great inconvenience, serious will interfere with our visual judgments, causing danger.

Summer, when it comes to concave artifacts, is absolutely sunglasses ~, sunglasses can be said to be necessary concave shape, cover, sunscreen single product! But in the domestic seemingly did not wear sunglasses atmosphere we do not have the habit of wearing sunglasses, many people may worry that the hearts of wearing sunglasses will be said to install B, and ten foreigners, nine wearing sunglasses, we will not feel strange! And love fashionable love b people, sunglasses is essential. Sunglasses can not only the role of concave-type equipment installed b ~

Concave artifacts necessary artifact! Why wearing a sunglasses afraid to be said to install B, because after wearing sunglasses, the overall feeling is not the same, a lot of cool, a sunglasses for their own, can give you a lot of modeling! Such as my lazy is the case, do not want to go out in summer painted makeup, Sunglasses then draw a lips, wear sunglasses to go out, others think you are beautiful enough!

Cover big face, eye sunscreen artifact! In addition to the most intuitive role of concave modeling, in fact, more importantly, wearing sunglasses is able to eye sunscreen, to protect the fragile eye skin, not to cause sunburn or cause melanin precipitation! UV will accelerate our skin aging, Sunglasses this we all know, so go out will be umbrella or to the body rub sunscreen, and sunglasses is the eye of the parasol ~ resistance to part of the UV, and to avoid glare squinting, the formation of fine lines, Sunglasses Also protect the eye! So the fashion circle of these love sunglasses fairy, in fact, is to love their own ah! To

Roadside stalls do not buy sunglasses! Do not buy cheap! Some girls purely for the concave shape, bought a bunch of various patterns of sunglasses, the total price may not add up to one hundred! Is this talking about yourself? 】 If this sunglasses, if you are just wearing a filming self-timer, then you buy it, Sunglasses if you wear out the door, the girl, do not, because hurt your eyes, eyes are the window of the soul, good protection!