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Sunglasses Help You Increase Your Turn

Jul 07, 2017

Wearing sunglasses is the first step to visually enjoy the coolness

Fashion is like this ~ ~ you can never keep up but you may never be behind, because you really do not know when it will turn up ~ ~ ~

Therefore, to master the most basic "survival skills" will be able to "thousands of years of constant response to unlimited reincarnation" ~ ~

First of all: knowledge of science popular, the best back down, dry goods, Sunglasses absolutely useful dry goods, textbooks said ~ ~

Strictly speaking, sunglasses is a standard product, is to have their own size can be compared. And in the mirror legs, nose bridge or signs are marked with the size of the glasses size parameters. You may not really notice!

In fact, the purchase of sunglasses to refer to the data with the glasses of the data is basically the same. Sunglasses But many of us have neglected

Such as frame size: the plane of the plane of the vertical line at the midpoint of the distance between the sides of the mirror on both sides. Generally 33-60mm.

The widest distance on the horizontal line where the bridge nose is located. Generally 13-22mm.

Mirror leg size: from the frame hinge center to the end of the temple extension distance, usually 125-156mm.

Frame height: the widest distance between the upper and lower edges of the frame.

Outside the box: the distance between the visible areas on both sides of the frame, Sunglasses that is, the distance between the frame and the legs.

There should be care: interpupillary distance. Is the distance between the eyes of the two pupils in front of the binoculars. The length of the frame should be the same proportion of interpupillary distance, wearing glasses, the pupil should be in the glasses and the lens of the central position. 128mm the following small code, 129mm-138mm for the code, 139 or more for the big code.

Wide inside the frame: 60mm out of the mirror plane after the two mirror back inside the distance. Here is just the location of the human body in the temple, Sunglasses and wear comfort is closely related.

Of course, a pair of excellent sunglasses these things will have their own reference value, after all, sunglasses do not need to wear a half "medical equipment", your glasses from the "adjuvant therapy" role, most of the time it is to protect and decorate ~ ~

Well, in the simple to understand the sunglasses is also a "numerical mark" this one of the key knowledge, say what face with what style it ~ ~

Fashionable tide and then how to change, sunglasses as the street shot of the first single product will always be ranked first in the list of fashion bloggers. Have to say, if not so much good sunglasses, there will not be so much to bring us to chase the trend of the blogger and nice street shoot it!

Moreover, when you go out too lazy eye makeup, when you want to say "I am a bit cool I do not want to chatter with you" when you think today just want to wear a very simple out of the street and think about the time; So that you can not open your eyes before the camera when ... ... can save your life in addition to sunglasses and who else! Who else! The

Into the summer, no sunglasses near the body will definitely lose the feeling at the starting line, so far a pair, to come to a fight was peace of mind? Sister-in-law today to give you a breakdown of sunglasses choice, Sunglasses tell you not out of date must have the sunglasses style.

Want to be a fashion fine, must keep the moment of vigilance, lying at home when I do not care, as long as a street, every second to the United States! To keep the moment the state of paparazzi, even buy food to the United States!

This time we need most is a simple black sunglasses! Cover the face, was gas field, and calm, with any clothing can be completely competent, whether it is a star or passers-by, no one can not use a pair of daily with pure black sunglasses.

Classic course, by the classic with it! Black and white gray simple shape is the best choice, Sunglasses want others to admit that your fashionable degree first black and white to wear ah, do not worry too much, and then wear simple, black super can help you increase the rate of minutes.

Weekdays if you choose to design a little clothes, will use black sunglasses with. Lace, chiffon, sequins, silk and other feminine details too strong, mortals are not very good control of the clothes, pure black sunglasses will bring a good balance, it seems texture, moving at every turn Oh, so it is absolutely buy sunglasses The first choice!