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Sunglasses Can Block The Sun

May 25, 2017

Sunglasses, a pair of glasses, can be used to play cool, but also a kind of glasses that can block the sun's rays. Sunglasses are also called sunglasses, Sunglasses it is under strong light to protect the eye supplies. Wearing this lens can block ultraviolet rays and infra-red, while the external environment color does not change, only the intensity of light changes, as if cloudy, there is a cool and comfortable feeling.

Strong sunlight contains a lot of ultraviolet rays and infra-red, may damage the eyes of the cornea, lens, and even fundus, wearing a pair of sunglasses, can block or absorb part of the light, reduce the stimulation of the eye. In recent years, due to the importance of health, many people in the hot summer outing, like to wear sunglasses, Sunglasses to reduce the stimulation of the sun, some people also like to regard it as decoration, sunglasses are a lot of kinds, should be based on different needs to choose.

Now sunglasses no longer only play the role of sunscreen, the correct choice of a popular sunglasses must make people look particularly fashionable.

Scorching summer sun contains a lot of ultraviolet rays and infrared rays, may damage the eyes, and if wearing a pair of sunglasses, whether it is polarized sunglasses or nearsighted sunglasses, Sunglasses in addition to cool and stylish outside the most important thing is that it can protect the eyes under strong light. Sunglasses can block or absorb part of the light, reduce the stimulation of the eyes, so in the hot summer when going out, wearing a pair of sunglasses is very necessary. In the face of all kinds of high quality and bad polarizing sunglasses brand, what sunglasses brand good? How do we buy sunglasses?

Look at the price of sunglasses

50 Yuan under the sunglasses brand is best not to buy. Because, from the cost, less than 50 yuan is difficult to produce a good eye for the Sun mirror. At present, sunglasses market price is more than 100 yuan, Sunglasses if it is below the market price, you need to choose more carefully.

Look at the glasses.

As far as possible to buy polarized lenses, because polarized sunglasses can effectively block the uncomfortable glare, but also to protect the eyes from UV damage. In addition to choose sunglasses lens color is brown, gray and green department blue System. Sunglasses lenses can not have scratches, impurities, bubbles, stripes.

See if sunglasses have a certificate

General regular qualified sunglasses brand has a tag, that is, quality testing certification, be has brand name, color, diameter, quality level, Sunglasses production plant name and trademark, especially to see whether the tag has QS logo.

See if the sunglasses have UV protection function

Not all sunglasses have anti-ultraviolet function, a pair of basic requirements to meet the standard sunglasses, can only be said to block the strong light at the same time not through more ultraviolet light. If a pair of sunglasses can only block the strong light and not the same amount of ultraviolet light, for the wearer, will accept more than not wearing sunglasses (wearing sunglasses, will reduce the luminous flux into the eye, resulting in the wearer's pupil increase).

Try wearing sunglasses and feel it.

Wear sunglasses to see whether comfortable, can not wear dizziness, headaches, eyes swell feeling. In addition to the natural light to try to wear sunglasses. It is best to choose in one days when the light is more intense, wear sunglasses to see the ground can not have uneven feeling, the object can not be deformed.