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Sunglasses Are Popular With Consumers

Jul 19, 2017

Sunglasses Advantages: To prevent ultraviolet rays, dust, better protection of the eyes!

When it comes to sunglasses, a lot of people first impressions of fashion personality and anti-ultraviolet two points. Indeed, sunglasses as one of the glasses products, mainly to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, strong light and other harmful light stimulation. Because of this, sun glasses in the scorching sun in the summer more popular with consumers.

Generally speaking, the sunglasses can be divided into ordinary shading sunglasses, Sunglasses polarized sunglasses and night-vision goggles. Common shading Sunglasses are the most common, for ultraviolet rays and strong light effective to prevent a certain effect, and style design more fashionable sense, Sunglasses so many friends like to use as a modeling collocation.

Polarized sunglasses than ordinary sunglasses, more than a layer of protection, it can block the common glare of life, so that the vision clearer, is the driver's choice of friends.

At present, the market on a lot of sunglasses brand, are popular with consumers of the sunglasses brand, and most of the brand products and polarizer are common. However, Sunglasses some consumers in order to cheap and choose stalls on the 10 yuan, about 20 yuan of sunglasses products, often not only can not give eye protection, but will be because the vision continues to dim and can not effectively prevent harmful light and affect the health of the eye. Whether as a adornment, or as a practical, small recommend that we all choose the normal brand of sunglasses products, which is responsible for their own eye health.

Sunglasses can be said to be a necessary concave shape, cover face, sunscreen products! But in the country does not seem to wear sunglasses in the atmosphere, we do not wear sunglasses, many people worry may be that wearing sunglasses will be said to wear B, and 10 of foreigners, nine wear sunglasses, we will not feel strange! And love fashionable love B person, sunglasses is essential. But the sunglasses are not just concave-shaped.

Cover the big face, eye sunscreen artifact! In addition to concave shape this most intuitive role, in fact, more importantly, wearing sunglasses can be eye protection, can protect the fragile eye week skin, Sunglasses do not let the eye sunburn or cause the deposition of melanin! Ultraviolet rays will accelerate our skin aging, this we all know, so go out will be an umbrella or to the body to wipe sunscreen, and sunglasses is the eye of the Sun umbrella ~ to resist a part of ultraviolet rays, and avoid strong light squint, form the eye week fine lines, but also protect the eyeball!

Dark glasses are divided into four kinds by depth, 15%, 34%, 50% and 70% in order

15% depth of the most shallow, suitable for indoor and outdoor wear, especially with eyes have degrees of people, can be exempted from the trouble of removing and wearing.

34% depth, suitable for use in general solar irradiation

50% of sunglasses can be worn in the sun and the sea

70%, wear an electric welding!