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Sunglasses Are A Must-haves

Jun 23, 2017

Recently the weather is getting hotter, the girls are wearing more and more cool, but also dew shoulder is dew back, play very big oh.

A pair of good-looking sunglasses can not only be loaded, but also for your modeling building blocks, so that you become the most dazzling stars in the crowd, and then the fierce coquettish base goods in front of you will also be eclipsed.

In addition to the dispute modelling artifact, sunglasses or the pigment of the artifact. Even if it is too late in the morning makeup, put on a lipstick to wear sunglasses, still can confidently go out ~

With sunglasses, no matter what the occasion, the force can instantly high 180 degrees!

Sunglasses + Straw hat, seaside holiday wind to walk ~

Sunglasses are a lot of boys and girls fashion accessories One of the necessities. Summer is coming soon, sunglasses are no longer with accessories just, Sunglasses but also can block ultraviolet radiation damage to the eyes. So choose a to suit their face shape, but also can make their faces look very small is very important and exquisite ~

1. Oval Face

First of all, we would like to congratulate the oval shape of the people, because your face is "omnipotent" face, any style of the basic sunglasses can be easily steered, Sunglasses a little attention to the size of the ratio can be.

2. Round face

Round face in the matching with sunglasses must consider to tighten the face of the visual effect of the style, suitable for a slightly thicker frame, lens color cold, darker shades. And the bright light and frame slim style will only make your face look larger, straight-edged or angular frames can weaken your face contour, deep lenses to reduce the feeling of obesity, so that the face will look more compact. Sunglasses Classic pilot style as far as possible to avoid.

3. Square Face

It is advisable to choose a narrower, small round corner of the frame of the sunglasses, too large and too square frame will only make the face is more square, Sunglasses the lens color to sedate brown is good. In contrast to the round face, you need some rounded corners and streamlined frames to foil your unruly temperament.

4. Face shape

You should choose a wide round or curved mirror, slightly thick mirror legs to weaken the long face of the slender feeling. Slender face generally more bone sense, the most suitable choice is the large frame of the sunglasses, this can make up the face of the small defects, so that the shape looks more delicate, color is also the best dark.

5, heart-shaped (inverted triangle) face

Please try to avoid using large frame, square frame, because this will appear on the face of the wider and narrower, the use of fine frame, round frame, bright color for the best. Sunglasses Suitable for selection of bright lenses, fine metal frames or glasses without frames to reduce the weight above the face, so as not to make the wide face more expansive.