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Sports Glasses With Anti-ultraviolet Features

Aug 22, 2017

Sports glasses are safety glasses that are worn during exercise, usually equipped with safety (PC lenses), protection (TR-90 frame, soft and elastic), comfortable (non-slip nose pads and feet), beautiful Sports, casual wear with) the effect.

The characteristics of sports glasses

1. Lens high security, frame protection, comfortable to wear, beautiful.

2. Against UV rays.

3. Polarized lenses, polarizer is the use of polarization principle, the role of filtering stray light.

Magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy is a green metal material, texture is very soft, Sports Glasses bright color, easy to fade; benefits: wear up a grade, and light and comfortable.

Sports glasses structure

1, lens

1) PC lens that is space film, is a broken film, security 100%. It is the world's thinnest lenses, 57% lighter than glass lenses, 37% lighter than resin lenses, thin 26%, Sports Glasses the world's most impact-resistant lenses, the material first applied to the space shuttle to see the window and bullet-proof glass, Impact resistance is 60 times that of glass, 10 times of ordinary safety resin sheet, 100% anti-ultraviolet (UV400).

2) magnesium alloy lenses, the texture of light, titanium 2/5, aluminum 2/3, processing accuracy error of only 0.02mm, bright color, easy to fade, you can give the lens with different colors for environmentally friendly products. Benefits: wear up grade, and light and comfortable.

3) polarized lens is the use of polarization principle (that is, the principle of the blinds), can play the role of filtering stray light. Can be 100% filter harmful ultraviolet light, the more automatic adjustment and blocking the general movement glasses can not block the strong reflection of light, Sports Glasses all the light from the projection into the same light, to eliminate the glare of the reflected light, scattered light, so that the eyes in the Under the sun to see the scenery more clearly, have a better line of sight. Suitable for outdoor games, driving, fishing, mountain snow and other outdoor sports.

2, frame

TR-90 box is super tough resin material, and smooth, flexible and light, comfortable to wear. (CA) more than 2 times, memory function, anti-deformation index of 620KG / CM2, the weight of CA lighter than 30%, easy to melt and burn, impact resistance is more than 2 times the cellulose acetate plastic (CA) The

The protection of sports glasses

1, to avoid contact with perfume, pesticides and other chemical composition of the items in order to avoid the lens, the mirror to produce chemical corrosion, and better protect your glasses;

2, after use, please wipe your sports glasses, into the glasses bag in the proper preservation, do not store with the hard objects or sharp objects, so as not to scratch the lens or topcoat;

3, before use, please use professional glasses wipe cloth wipe, if necessary, can be used professional cleaning agent rinsing; special attention: the use of polarized lenses can not use glasses and ultrasonic cleaning, or will destroy the polarized effect;

4, adhere to his hands picking glasses, one hand picking when the force is too large, Sports Glasses may lead to deformation of the frame, broken;

5, should not be moving glasses for a long time placed in high temperature environment, and do not move the glasses for a long time soaked in water;

6, long-term do not use, please put your glasses in a dedicated glasses bags, so that the lens by personal care;

7, sports glasses in the long-term use will inevitably have abrasions and dark spots, Sports Glasses if the above situation, it is recommended that you timely replacement of glasses or lenses to protect your eyes; to replace the lens, please go to professional glasses matching or direct Contact with the manufacturer;

8, with space lens glasses, with a broken function, you can ensure that you wear in the professional sports safety, Sports Glasses but it is easier to scratch relative to other materials.

For your safety, it is not recommended in the following circumstances with colored glasses: night driving, used in industrial protection.