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Sports Glasses Variety And Variety

Aug 01, 2017

Sports glasses refers to the movement of wearing safety glasses, usually high-level equipment with safety, protection, comfort, beautiful effect. PC lens that is space film, is a broken film, security 100%.

Sports glasses for any one who want to participate in sports, are must wear the product, but also a protection of personal safety.

Different types of sports glasses, divided into a variety of different functions due to the variety of wild sports, including the limit of cycling, outdoor mountain climbing, jogging, skiing, golf, Sports Glasses camping and other sports, so, on different sports, sports glasses Functional requirements are not the same.

Windproof mirror for long time sports in the outside world, Sports Glasses especially strong sandstorm sports enthusiasts.

Polarized motion glasses

There is a long exposure to the sun, intense and long time under the sun exposure of the movement, the need to purchase polarized motion glasses. With the mountain climbing enthusiasts, snow on the mountain slightly damaged eyes, in terms of ultraviolet light, 10,000 feet high snow reflection light across the sea more than 50, the naked eye retina is very simple damage, causing great pain that snow blind, sunglasses can be reduced This damage, Sports Glasses but not by the cloudy weather cheat, because the UV will penetrate the clouds, garish light will cause headaches, sports glasses will have 95-100 filtering effect. Sports glasses on the ice with the demand for 5-10 penetration, and multi-purpose sports glasses have a 20 penetration rate.

Judging the pros and cons of sports glasses can be viewed from both quality and aesthetic. Sports Glasses Aesthetics with personal factors, the quality is a certain standard. The quality of sports glasses mainly refers to the quality of the lens.

So how to judge the quality of sports glasses it?

Mainly rely on the following points to choose such as judgments.

1. Lens can not have optical lenses have "degrees". Generally, Sports Glasses if the diopter is more than 15%, there is a dizzy feeling when worn.

2. According to F · D · A standard, the lens in the protection of light transmittance at the same time, to filter out the sun more than UV, when 100% filter UV, should be affixed "UV a 400PROTCT10N" label, so check the lens The Uv tag is quite important.

3. The lens must have a higher strength and pass the impact test. In general, the use of sports glasses is PC film (commonly known as space film) is not broken crack resistance impact.

TR-90 box is super-resistant resin information, and lubrication, soft and easy and light, comfortable to wear. (CA) more than 2 times, recall function, resistance to deformation index reached 620KG / CM2, the component than the CA light 30, easy to melt incinerator, impact resistance is more than 2 times the cellulose acetate plastic (CA) %.

From a professional point of view, in the selection of sports glasses, people should pay attention to lens function. Because different lenses on the role of light filtering is different, Sports Glasses it can fit the sports environment is also different. Dark lenses are better than light-colored lenses, can effectively isolate ultraviolet light and improve the UV index. For example, the purple lens can reduce the degree of visible light, does not affect the visual clarity. So the bike glasses glasses can be used purple, and suitable for long wear. Sports Glasses Gray lenses provide the best color perception, which is recommended by experts. Yellow lens, can enhance the contrast in the fog, it is recommended not to wear when driving. And yellow-green progressive and purple gold-plated mercury lens can effectively filter blue light, enhance the contrast between the sky and the ground, so golf glasses with yellow-green and purple lenses, making the sphere in the field of view more clearly.