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Sports Glasses Make Your Eyes Clear And Bright

Oct 31, 2017

Sports glasses refers to the movement of wearing safety glasses, usually advanced equipment with safety, protection, comfort, beautiful effect.

Now people are more and more attention to maintenance, Sports Glasses and the recent years more and more like the outdoor activities. But in outdoor sports can not avoid being injured, so the protective tool is essential. Sports glasses are required in outdoor tools.

Sports glasses features:

1, design mostly biased towards neutral, elegant, subtle, generous, simple, sports models with.

2, sports glasses innovative technology with Seiko production, Sports Glasses、 every detail to create a boutique.

3, adapted to the intellectual, warm, fashionable groups, highlighting the personality and temperament.

4, full of vitality, passion and taste, Sports Glasses close to the pulse of life of young people, easy fashion, a young man in the eyes of leisure.

Sports glasses design highlights:

1, simple outline and bold color use to make Nike glasses look different.

2, sports glasses are always favored by professional athletes, Sports Glasses all materials strong, well-designed, so that you carry out any outdoor activities, vision are clear and bright.

3, whether classical or modern, male or female, Nike glasses can always find.

The advantages of sports glasses:

1. The use of high temperature, impact resistance, texture, light TR90 material, durable glasses is not easy to deformation, security is very high. In addition OYEA also independently developed a removable mirror technology, won the national patent certificate, is a high security, advanced technology, powerful, Sports Glasses very reliable sports glasses!

2. Use the principle of blinds to effectively transform the stray light for the same light, for a long time to keep the eye comfortable; efficient filtering out astigmatism, reflected light, ultraviolet light, to maintain a clear vision; with shatterproof, anti-wear and other special features, Sports Glasses more suitable for outdoor sports The

3. The use of nano-technology lenses, the surface of high-tech nano-coating, so that drops of water droplets on the lens quickly low, efficient waterproof, anti-oil, anti-fouling, always clear vision, Sports Glasses so that the movement more fun, the results naturally more outstanding!

4. Sports glasses, using 16 layers of special conductive coating technology, effectively prevent radiation damage to the eyes, care of eyes.