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Sports Glasses Are Worn With A Grade

Sep 22, 2017

Sports glasses refers to the movement of the safety goggles worn, usually advanced equipment with security (PC lens), protection (TR-90 frame, soft both flexible), comfortable (non-slip nose pads and foot sets), beautiful (with sports, casual wear and match) effect.

Sports glasses structure

1. Lens

1 PC Lens is a space film, is a kind of non cracked lenses, security 100%. It is the world's most frivolous lenses, than glass lenses light 57%, lighter than the resin lens 37%, thin 26%, the world's most impact-resistant lenses, the first materials used in the Space Shuttle Watch window and bulletproof glass, Sports Glasses impact resistance is 60 times times the glass, is the general safety resin tablets 10 times times, 100% Anti-ultraviolet ( UV400).

2 magnesium alloy lens, its texture is light, is 2/5 of titanium, aluminum 2/3, processing accuracy error is only 0.02mm, bright color, not easy to fade, you can add different colors to the lens, for environmental protection products. Benefits: Wear a good grade, and lightweight and comfortable.

3 polarizing lenses are the principle of polarization (that is, the principle of blinds), can play a role in filtering stray light. Can 100% filter harmful ultraviolet rays, can automatically adjust and block the general movement glasses can not stop the strong reflection light, Sports Glasses all the projected light to adjust to the same light, eliminate the glare of reflection light, scattering light, so that the eyes in the sun to see the scene clearer, have a better view. Suitable for picnic, driving, fishing, climbing Snow Mountain and other outdoor sports. Sports Glasses Polaroid Company is the inventor of polarizing lenses.

2. Frame

TR-90 Frame is a super toughness resin material, smooth, good flexibility and light, comfortable to wear. It is characterized by high temperature resistance, Sports Glasses instant can withstand 350 degrees of high temperature, not easy to melt combustion, impact resistance is cellulose acetate plastic (CA) more than twice times, memory function, resistance to deformation index reached 620kg/cm2, weight than CA light 30%.

The purchase of sports glasses

1, the function of glasses is different

Because of the variety of outdoor sports, including extreme cycling, outdoor mountaineering, jogging, skiing, golf, camping and other sports, therefore, for different sports, Sports Glasses the functional needs of sports glasses is also different.

1 The windproof mirror is suitable for the long-term movement in the outside world, especially in the strong sand area sports enthusiasts.

2 Myopia Sports Glasses

In order to meet the needs of myopic sports enthusiasts, the birth of myopia sports glasses more they bring the gospel. Myopia movement glasses function not only includes the general myopia eyeglasses has the performance, and uses the PC material to be able to resist the impact surface, thus, Sports Glasses the myopia friend also can enjoy the movement brings the joy.

3 Polarized Sports Glasses

There is the long exposure to the sun, intense and prolonged exposure to the sun's movement, the need to buy polarized glasses. For lovers of mountaineering, Sports Glasses the snow on the mountain is easy to damage the eyes, in terms of ultraviolet rays, 10,000 feet of snow reflected light over the sea more than 50, the naked eye of the retina is very easy to damage, causing great pain called blindness, Sports Glasses sunglasses can reduce this damage, but do not be fooled by cloudy weather, because ultraviolet rays will penetrate the Glare of light can cause headaches, and exercise glasses will have a 95-100 filtration effect. For the ice-moving glasses need to have a 5-10 penetration rate, and multi-purpose glasses must have a 20 penetration rate.

2, color, box-shaped choice

When buying a mirror, it's too bright if you can easily see your eyes. If you want to see the real color, the best lens color is gray or green; If you want to see it in cloudy or foggy haze, you'd better choose the yellow lenses. For infrared, unless you look squarely at the sun and be directly damaged, but the general movement eyeglasses can prevent the infra-red penetrating and protects the eye, Sports Glasses the movement eyeglasses must have the side protective device to reduce the sun penetrating eye, but must have the good ventilation equipment to prevent the lens to fog, or uses the mist-resistant lens or the mist-resistant cleanser, You need to bring a spare pair of sports glasses to avoid loss can also be used to cut into thin strips of cardboard or clothing to cover the eyes. Sports Glasses Most climbers would rather use contact lenses, because the glasses will slide in the nose, can improve the visual acuity, there will be no water spots, but still have shortcomings, such as too much sun, sand, dirt will cause eye inflammation, while the outskirts is not easy to clean and maintenance.

From a professional point of view, in the selection of sports glasses, people should pay attention to the lens function. Because different lenses have different effects on the filtration of light, Sports Glasses it is also suitable for different motion environments.

Darker lenses are better than light-colored lenses, effectively isolating ultraviolet rays and improving UV index. For example, purple lenses can reduce the visible eye level, Sports Glasses without affecting visual clarity. So the eyeglasses of the bicycle glasses can be purple and suitable for long time wear.

Gray lenses provide the best sense of color perception, which is recommended by experts.

Yellow lenses, can enhance contrast in the fog, do not recommend driving when wearing.

and yellow-green progressive color and purple gold-plated mercury lenses can effectively filter the blue light, enhance the contrast between the sky and the ground, so golf glasses using yellow-green and purple lenses, Sports Glasses making the sphere in the field of vision more trenchant.

Every day the sun is constantly emitting ultraviolet rays, visible light, infra-red these three kinds of light waves, without proper glasses protection, each will cause serious damage to the eyes and impact. Can be seen to choose a suitable for their own exercise requirements of the sun glasses, color is very important. In addition, Sports Glasses it is best to buy anti-radiation glasses that are resistant to UVA and UVB.

In the selection of the shape of sports glasses, each person is also tastes, different shape of the different shapes of the frame has the same requirements.

Remember the principle of complementarity-round face formula shape, square face selection ellipse. Specifically:

Square Face: The wide pilot-type glasses can be decorated with prominent jaw lines;

Round face: Suitable for the frame slightly thicker, the lens color is cold, the color is darker the eyeglasses, has the shrink face the visual effect.

Long face: Should choose flat round or curved lens, slender proportions, Sports Glasses visually give a sense of harmony. Cat's eye frame is the best choice;

Face: Suitable for various shapes of sunglasses, choose more to make you elated.

Small face suitable for wearing fine frame or without frame glasses, choose the elegant lens will have unexpected effect.

The choice of the frame requires flexibility, resistance to impact, protection against damage to the face when exercising. Framed veneer design allows the eyes to close to the edge of the frame, Sports Glasses to prevent rapid movement of the strong wind on the eyes of the stimulation.

Protection of sports glasses

1, avoid contact with perfume, pesticides and other chemical components, in order to avoid the lens, frame produce chemical corrosion, better protect your glasses;

2, after use, please wipe your movement glasses, put into the glasses bag properly preserved, do not with hard objects or sharp items stored together, so as not to scratch the lens or topcoat;

3, before using professional glasses wipe cloth wipe, if necessary, can be used professional cleaning agent rinse; Special attention: The use of polarized lenses glasses can not be used ultrasonic and water cleaning, otherwise it will damage the polarizing effect;

4, adhere to the hands to wear glasses, single hand pick if the force too large, Sports Glasses may lead to the picture frame deformation, fracture;

5, avoid moving glasses for a long time in high temperature environment, and do not put exercise glasses for a long time immersion in the water;

6, the long-term do not use, please put the movement glasses in the special glasses bag, Sports Glasses let the lens by personal care;

7, sports glasses in the long-term use will inevitably have abrasions and dark spots, if the above situation, we recommend that you change the glasses or lenses in time to protect your eyes; If you need to replace the lens, please go to professional matching mirror or direct contact with manufacturers;

8, with the space lens glasses, has the function of breaking and cracking, can ensure that you wear safety in professional sports, but it is easier to scratch than other materials.

For your life's safety, it is not advisable to wear tinted glasses in the following cases: driving at night and applying it to industrial protection.