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Skiing Can Prevent UV Rays From Burning On The Eyes

Oct 31, 2017

Ski mirror is divided into ordinary veneer double board sports ski goggles and snowmobile snow mirror and so on. As the snow on the sun is very powerful reflection, coupled with the sliding in the cold wind on the eye a lot of stimulation, so the need for ski protection to protect the skier's eyes.

Skiing mirror features

With the development of science and technology, ski lenses from single-layer development for the double, never anti-fog to anti-fog, applicable to a variety of weather conditions. Ski Goggles Frame to plastic products more secure, the lens color to yellow or brown is better. Ski mirror should have the following functions:

First, to prevent the cold wind on the eye irritation;

Second, to prevent ultraviolet light on the eyes of the burns;

Third, the internal lens can not fog;

Fourth, after falling snow mirror should not cause harm to the face. (Note: skiers wearing glasses should choose OTG skiing (Over The Glasses), Ski Goggles so that all myopia can be covered.

Fifth, the lens impact, the international standard through the drop test (DROP BALL TEST) and impact test.

With the development of science and technology, ski lenses developed by the single guide for the double, never anti-fog to frost, applicable to a variety of weather conditions. The lens is divided into the lens and the outer lens, the inner lens is the resin material, the water absorption is good, Ski Goggles the immersion anti-fog liquid has the very good anti-fog effect, the outer lens surface has the hardening treatment to prevent the lens to be scratched, The main materials for the color of the coating are silica and titanium dioxide. Also in the frame on the edge of the breathable sponge made of breathable, so that the facial skin heat discharged to the mirror, Ski Goggles to ensure that the mirror has a good visual effect.

Skiing mirror classification, lens shape

Snow mirror lens from the shape of the cylindrical and spherical mirror two categories, cylindrical mirror is more common in our past, and the spherical mirror is nearly two years new models, spherical mirror from several aspects are better than the cylindrical mirror The

1) vision, because the design of the ball more ergonomic principles.

2) The field of view is larger, due to the protrusion of the sphere, making the lens to the human eye space increases a lot, which will bring a number of benefits, the space of the large vent hole in the air there is enough room for circulation, which will lead to not easy fog. Sphere makes the lens distance from the human eye increases, Ski Goggles but also makes the human eye steam will soon encounter cold lenses, anti-fog effect.

3) spherical lens design closer to the shape of the human eye, so that when the eye rotation regardless of what angle of view are perpendicular to the lens, weakened the possibility of parallax. The lens from the human eye far away, but also in the accident under the impact of the more difficult to meet the eye.

4) Of course, from the aesthetic effect of speaking, the spherical mirror looks cooler, highlighting the focus of the spherical mirror makes the surrounding scenery focused on the lens above the lens effect of the scene presented on the lens above. So, of course, Ski Goggles the first recommendation to buy snow lenses spherical lens, but the spherical lens are generally expensive.

5) with a spherical mirror of the snow mirror wide field of vision, the general thickness of 1.4MM, but the spherical lens protruding parts easy to scratch. There are two kinds of cylindrical mirror thickness, one is 1.4MM, one is 0.8MM, different thickness of the lens impact resistance is not the same. Ski Goggles International standards for the thickness of the lens of the ski mirror for the minimum can not be less than 1.27MM.

1.4MM cylindrical mirror and spherical mirror cost is almost the same, impact resistance is the same, we choose when the cylinder is not good This is a wrong understanding.

Skillboard experience

Experience 1: Select a fully enclosed ski mirror, the appearance of this ski mirror similar to the diving mirror, can be close to the face, to prevent the wind, the effective protection of the cold wind on the eyes and eye skin blowing.

Experience 2: Select the UV index for UV400 above the lens, protect the eyes, Ski Goggles against the invasion of ultraviolet light.

Experience 3: It is best to choose a lens with an anti-fog coating.

Experience 4: choose a flexible lens and frame, by the impact of the face will not cause harm.

Experience 5: the outer frame of the eaves must be made with breathable sponge made of breathable openings, in order to make the facial skin heat discharged to the mirror outside the mirror.

Experience 6: Skiers who wear glasses should choose a ski instrument (OTG) with a near sight when selecting a ski mirror.

Experience 7 :: choose a large frame of the snow mirror with the internal frame of the method, the fall is very easy to hurt the glasses, and the myopia frame easy to scratch the snow lens, Ski Goggles especially the coating layer.

Experience 8: According to the weather conditions of the snow, that is, brightness to choose a different lens color snow wear. In general, yellow orange red lens will have a clear effect of brightening, of course, Ski Goggles if the weather is high, wear this color lens snow mirror easy eye fatigue.