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Ski Goggles Have The Effect Of Preventing Ultraviolet Rays

Sep 22, 2017

Ski goggles are essential for skiers, and it is important to choose the right ski goggles because the snow reflects heavily on the sun and the cold wind is very stimulating to the eyes.

Whether you are a master or a beginner, the right ski goggles must have the following basic functions:

1, fog-proof, fog will blur the eyes of skiers, very easy to accident;

2, Anti-ultraviolet rays, snow sunlight reflection, Ski Goggles strong ultraviolet rays will burn eyes;

3, wind, regardless of whether you are skilled, skiing snow cold wind will be on the eye stimulation;

4, preferably double-layer resin, even if the impact will not face damage.

5, there is breathable mouth, outer frame of the upper eaves of breathable sponge made of breathable mouth, so that the face of the skin discharged from the hot air outside the mirror, Ski Goggles to ensure that the mirror has a good visual effect.

How to choose a ski mirror

Ski mirror is a kind of goggles, the main role is in the snow to prevent water vapor, snow, ice on the eyes of the injury, the market price from 100 yuan to 5000 yuan, Ski Goggles how to choose their own ski mirror to be considered from the following several aspects.


The fog-preventing function of the ski mirror is mainly on the inner lens, the material of the inside lens is cellulose acetate Board (CP sheet), is a kind of resin, Ski Goggles this kind of sheet water absorbent is stronger, after the mist treatment plate can be at 75 degrees Celsius, the diameter 6CM sink vent hole on 20 seconds does not have fog.

Cellulose acetate sheet Prices are very expensive, Ski Goggles the domestic plate is not up to optical standards, at present more than 95% of the anti-fog tablets for import, fog-proof for the permanent fog.

So buy a ski mirror to buy cellulose acetate sheet as a mirror of the endoscope.


There are 2 kinds of mirror lenses, one is spherical mirror, the other is cylindrical lens.

A mirror-fitted ski lens has a wider view, with a general thickness of 1.4MM, Ski Goggles but the convex part of the spherical mirror is easily scratched.

The thickness of the cylindrical mirror is 2, one is 1.4MM, one is 0.8MM, different thickness of the lens impact resistance is not the same.

1. The cost of 4MM cylindrical mirror and the mirror is almost the same, Ski Goggles the impact resistance is the same, everyone in the choice of the time to think that the stigma mirror is a wrong understanding.

China currently does not have ski-related national standards, so most of the ski mirror sales in China using the European CE standard, when buying a look at the picture frame there is no CE mark.

Transmittance Rate:

We have to choose different transmittance lenses according to the light in the ski:

such as cloudy or night should choose S0 or S1 light transmittance ski goggles. When the sun is ample, you should choose S2 and S3 snow goggles.

Normal snow mirror packaging must be standard lens transmittance, so choose to pay attention to light transmittance, if the product can easily replace the lens and can be presented with the mirror high transmittance lenses for the best choice, so can be all-weather skiing, Ski Goggles the recent popular adsorption of magnet glasses worth buying


The frame should choose TPU material frame, TPU (Thermalplasticurethane), hardness choice of 85 hardness or 90 hardness of the best comfort, the impact is better, Ski Goggles the hardness in the largest range of protection of the user's face.