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Ski Goggles Have A Good Ability To Prevent Fog

Oct 10, 2017

Ski goggles are essential for skiers, and it is important to choose the right ski goggles because the snow reflects heavily on the sun and the cold wind is very stimulating to the eyes.

Whether you are a master or a beginner, Ski Goggles the right ski goggles must have the following basic functions:

1, fog-proof, fog will blur the eyes of skiers, very easy to accident;

2, Anti-ultraviolet rays, snow sunlight reflection, strong ultraviolet rays will burn eyes;

3, wind, regardless of whether you are skilled, skiing snow cold wind will be on the eye stimulation;

4, preferably double-layer resin, even if the impact will not face damage.

5, there is breathable mouth, outer frame of the upper eaves of breathable sponge made of breathable mouth, so that the face of the skin discharged from the hot air outside the mirror, Ski Goggles to ensure that the mirror has a good visual effect.

How to choose a ski mirror

One, enough strength. First of all to ensure that the impact of the ski mirror is not easy to rupture, not easy to the eyes and face damage. If you buy a snow mirror, the shop assistant assures you that the snow mirror is absolutely safe and will not be damaged. There is no damage, even steel is no exception, Ski Goggles just look at the strength and position of the impact. To know, is the best snow mirror at present, the training volume of professional small rotary athletes will be played every year by the flagpole broken several pairs of snow mirror! Good snow mirrors do better, absorb impact more powerful, and the probability of damage is lower. Ski Goggles This kind of snow mirror needs the high quality frame, lenses and glue, high-strength resin is the current manufacturing frame, lens of the mainstream materials, and from the current production costs at home and abroad, the retail price of more than 100 or even 100 of the snow mirror often use some ordinary or slightly reinforced plastic materials, its quality is difficult to ensure. Many wholesale market sell glasses and sunglasses shop also have similar ski mirror or goggles, Ski Goggles the appearance makes gaudy, but take in the hand a slight force twist, creak of the sound really let a person worry this lens frame will be a slight impact would rupture, cut glasses and face.

Second, good ability to prevent fog. There is no difference between a misty snow mirror and a blind person. Snow Mirror's fog-proof effect relies on 3 of ways to achieve: the appropriate ventilation in the snow mirror, Ski Goggles to maintain the temperature difference inside and outside the lens, the inside of the lens spray coating. The 1th function is to reduce the concentration of water vapor in the snow mirror, but it will not cause it to condense into mist, and then 2 point is to make the warm air in the mirror even if the humidity is very large, Ski Goggles it is not easy to condense on the lens. The ventilation of the snow mirror is realized by the breathable sponge which is exposed to the face through the snow mirror, the key to ventilation is to reasonably control the size of the ventilation: to ensure that the warm and humid air in the snow mirror can be discharged as soon as possible through the sponge in the upper part of the snow Mirror, and that the dry, cool outside air from the bottom of the snow mirror is too fast to get into the snow mirror and The saturated water vapor in the snow mirror quickly freezes and condenses, thus reducing the fog of the lens. To this end, Ski Goggles some high-end snow mirrors are also designed to have a special ventilation system, can be more wide range of regulation and control of ventilation.

Third, match with face shape. Choose to try it! In particular, under the snow mirror with the face and nose contact parts, to fit, prevent the mouth and nose exhaled water vapor mixed into the snow mirror, resulting in severe fog. While preventing the cold wind from blowing in, stimulating the eyes. Ski Goggles Some helmets can also try to match the snow mirror with the helmet, generally speaking, most of the snow mirror and helmet can be worn between each other, there may be a gap between the snow mirror and the helmet. Asia and Europe and the United States: white and yellow face different shape, suitable for the snow mirror the style of a great difference. Europe and the United States nose high, Ski Goggles mainstream snow mirror the style of the middle arch up very high, most Asian people wear a nose around the air leakage, causing the cold wind blowing eyes and snow mirror fog serious, for this reason, most of the Asian brand or European brand improved Asian style is good

IV. High Definition. The lens is smooth, Ski Goggles the lens material even without impurities, can guarantee to see things clear, no deformation, eyes long time wear will not fatigue. Problem lenses can hurt your eyesight.

V. Appropriate transmittance (usually the depth of the lens color). Reduce the glare of sunlight and snow surface, avoid blindness and eyestrain. Often ski night or shade of the snow should be selected light-colored and accompanied by the brightening of the lens, often slippery day of the selection of dark-coloured lenses, all kinds of conditions are sliding to select the color depth of the lens. There are also some color-changing snow mirrors and glasses that can be replaced with lenses that can be better adapted to different weather, morning and evening and different heading snow fields

VI. Isolating ultraviolet rays. Protect your eyes from sunburn. General professional snow mirror UV isolation rate is more than 99%, basic need not worry. In fact, Ski Goggles I personally think that this isolation rate of more than 90% no longer meaningful, the sun is good for people every day, unless it is engaged in welding or ultraviolet disinfection work

Seven, spherical and cylindrical surface. The spherical lens is the most popular in recent years, before the mainstream is the cylindrical mirror.