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Material Selection Of Sports Glasses

Jul 19, 2017

Sports glasses refers to the safety protection glasses worn in the movement, and usually the advanced equipment has the function of safety, protection, comfort and beauty. PC lenses, which are space films, are a kind of non cracked lens, security 100%.

Material selection:


PC lenses, which are space films, are a kind of non cracked lens, security 100%. It is the world's lightest lenses, 57% lighter than glass, than the resin lens light 37%, thin 26%, the current world's most impact-resistant lenses, the material is first used in the Space Shuttle Watch window and bulletproof glass, Sports Glasses impact resistance is 60 times times the glass, is the general safety resin tablets 10 times times, 100% Anti-ultraviolet (UV400).

Polarized lenses are the principle of polarization (that is, the principle of blinds), can play a role in filtering stray light. Can 100% filter harmful ultraviolet rays, can automatically adjust and block the general movement glasses can not stop the strong reflection light, all the projected light to adjust to the same light, eliminate the glare of reflection light, scattering light, so that the eyes in the sun to see the scene clearer, have a better view. Suitable for picnic, driving, fishing, climbing Snow Mountain and other outdoor sports. Sports Glasses Polaroid Company is the inventor of polarizing lenses.


TR-90 Frame is a super toughness resin material, smooth, flexible and light, comfortable to wear. It is characterized by high temperature resistance, Sports Glasses instant can withstand 350 degrees of high temperature, not easy to melt combustion, impact resistance is cellulose acetate plastic (CA) more than twice times, memory function, resistance to deformation index reached 620kg/cm2, weight than CA light 30%

Sports Glasses Features:

First, security (PC lens), protection (TR-90 frame, soft both flexible), comfortable (non-slip nose pads and foot sets), beautiful (with the move, casual clothing collocation).

Second, UV400, 100% UV-resistant.

Third, polarizing lenses, Sports Glasses polarizer is the use of polarization principle (that is, the principle of blinds), filter the role of stray light.

Magnesium alloys, magnesium alloy is a kind of green metal material, the texture is very soft, only 2/5 of titanium, aluminum 2/3, bright color, not easy to fade; Benefits: Wear a grade, and light comfortable.

Five, PC lens, PC lens is space film, is a kind of not broken the lens, security 100%.

Six, TR-90 frame, TR-90 frame is the super toughness resin material, Sweden imports, also smooth, Sports Glasses the flexibility is good and light, wears comfortably.

VII. Use: hand-picked, do not let the mirror touch the desktop and other sharp objects;

Maintenance: When the lens is dirty, the mirror should not be cleaned except with the detergent. Polarizer maintenance: Avoid water and ultrasonic cleaning, Sports Glasses otherwise it will destroy the polarizing effect.