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Maintenance Methods Of Sports Glasses

Sep 13, 2017

Sports glasses refers to the movement of the safety goggles worn, usually advanced equipment with security (PC lens), protection (TR-90 frame, soft both flexible), comfortable (non-slip nose pads and foot sets), beautiful (with sports, casual wear and match) effect.

Material and performance of sports glasses

1. The use of PC lenses, namely space film, is a kind of not broken lenses, the world's most impact-resistant lenses, the material is first used in the Space Shuttle Watch window and bulletproof glass. Sports Glasses Polarizer can filter harmful ultraviolet rays, can automatically adjust and block the general motion glasses can not stop the strong reflection light.

2. Frame, TR-90 frame is a super toughness resin material, and smooth, Sports Glasses good flexibility and light, comfortable to wear. It is characterized by high temperature resistance.

The characteristics of sports glasses

1. High safety lens, mirror frame protection, comfortable to wear, beautiful.

2. Fight against ultraviolet rays.

3. Polarized lenses, polarizer is the use of polarization principle, Sports Glasses filter the role of stray light.

4. Magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy is a kind of green metal material, Sports Glasses the texture is very soft, bright color, not easy to fade; Benefits: Wear a grade, and lightweight comfortable.

Selection of sports Glasses

1. Engaged in intense extreme sports, should be equipped with sports safety protection glasses, its security (PC lens), protection (TR-90 frame), comfortable (non-slip nose pads and foot sets), beautiful (with sports, casual wear and match) effect.

2. Windproof goggles are suitable for long-term sports enthusiasts in the outside world, especially in the strong sand areas.

3. The function of myopia movement glasses not only includes the performance of general myopia glasses, Sports Glasses but also uses PC material to resist impact surface.

4. Intense and prolonged exposure to the sun's movement requires the purchase of polarized sports glasses.

The effect of different lenses

1. Dark lenses are better than light-colored lenses to effectively isolate ultraviolet rays and improve UV index. Purple lenses can reduce the visibility of visible light without affecting visual clarity.

2. Gray lenses can provide the best sense of color perception, Sports Glasses and belong to the expert recommendation type.

3. Yellow lens, can enhance the contrast in the fog day, advised not to wear when driving.

4. Yellow-green progressive color and purple-plated mercury lenses can effectively filter the blue light, Sports Glasses enhancing the contrast between the sky and the ground.

Maintenance of sports Glasses

When the movement glasses are dirty, the mirror must not be cleaned except with the detergent. Polarizer Maintenance: Remember not to use water and ultrasonic cleaning, otherwise it will destroy the polarizing effect.