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Goggles Have A Healing Effect

Sep 04, 2017

In our lives which will inevitably appear some glare, glare, what ultraviolet light, great harm to our eyes, easy to induce the emergence of eye diseases. And for our driver friends, easy to cause traffic accidents, so the greater the harm. And the appearance of goggles can be a good stop all this, goggles function and role which? The following specific description:

Goggles can prevent radiation from causing damage to the eyes, and so-called protective glasses is a filter. This kind of glasses is divided into two categories, one for the absorption type, one for the reflective type, the former used most. This kind of glasses can absorb some wavelengths of light, Safety Glasses so that other wavelengths of light through, so showing a certain color, the color is through the light color. This lens is made in the general optical glass formulations and then add part of the metal oxides, such as iron, drilling, chromium, strontium, nickel, Safety Glasses manganese and some rare earth metal oxides such as neodymium and so on. These metal oxides allow the glass to selectively absorb some of the electromagnetic waves in the light, Safety Glasses such as cerium and iron oxides can absorb a lot of ultraviolet light. The use of this glass lens can reduce the amount of certain wavelengths through the lens to reduce or prevent damage to the eye. Goggles are divided into two categories, one is absorption, the other is reflective.

Absorption: Absorption filter, is the use of lenses for some wavelength of light absorption, Safety Glasses in order to reduce the intensity of light into the eye. Absorbent filters include sun glasses, gas goggles, goggles for eyewear, blue goggles, dark red glass glasses, laser goggles, and microwave goggles.

Reflective: Absorbent filter, the lens absorbs some light, into the heat release, especially the infrared and other waves longer waves, due to the accumulation of heat, so that the eyes feel very uncomfortable. If the use of reflective filter can be a good solution to this problem. Safety Glasses When the absorption and reflection of the joint use, that is, in the colored lens and then coated with a layer of high reflective film, so that the role of more filtering, such as welding arc welding, plasma cutting and other operators wearing glasses can use this method solve.

Goggles function and role which? In our usual life which will be used to get goggles, but we choose to combine their own work class and their own situation to decide, will see, will choose, will With, Safety Glasses but also know how to care and cleaning.


1, goggles have the role of recovery, the spirit of 3.3 / min;

2, goggles with 20% waterproof;

3, durability for 10 days (continued to wear);

4, goggles have the role of anti-sand, fashion goggles do not have the function;