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Baby Sunglasses To Buy When Shopping

May 25, 2017

Baby sunglasses are designed to protect the eyes from strong light or invisible harmful ultraviolet rays.

The quality of baby sunglasses is very important

Children belong to the vision development period, Baby Sunglasses the quality of sunglasses requirements higher, lens clarity, transmittance is very important. A lot of parents, at the beach or children's clothing store to give children handy a pair of toy glasses, which will cause great damage to children's eyesight.

Unqualified baby sunglasses have no UV protection. Under the strong light of the sun, the pupil can shrink naturally, protecting the eyes and preventing the ultraviolet rays from shining heavily. Wear unqualified sunglasses, the light is darker, the pupil is enlarged, if the sunglasses are not equipped with anti-ultraviolet function, the eyes will not be protected but hurt.

UV-resistant sunglasses, there will be a clear identification, such as labeling "100 Absorption" "UV400" "UV" "Anti-ultraviolet" and so on. In addition, Baby Sunglasses we should pay attention to the material of the frame, to choose the mirror frame that is not easy to break, lest the children exercise or play when the frame breaks and damage the eyeball. Of course, the high quality of the baby sunglasses, the price relative to dozens of yuan of the toy sunglasses, to be 10 times times higher, generally is about hundreds of yuan.

How to choose the baby sunglasses? Buy Baby sunglasses should be to the regular store to buy well-known brands; Buy should first try to wear, and compare before wearing and wear after the color difference is obvious, to wear sunglasses after seeing the object is really appropriate.

Summer sun glare, high-intensity ultraviolet rays test the baby's delicate skin, do a good job in the baby's sunscreen is particularly important. Some moms tend to overlook the sun's sunscreen. Baby Eye is in the development period, choose the wrong baby sunglasses instead of eye injury. Before age 18, Baby Sunglasses children absorb 80% of their lifetime exposure to ultraviolet rays.

1 children's cornea and lens are more clear than adults, more vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation, such as not to pay attention to sunscreen, Baby Sunglasses may damage the cornea epithelium of children, as well as retinal macular burns, and even to the future of cataract and other eye diseases buried hidden dangers. So, many parents also on the child's small nose on the shelves of sunglasses. However, there is some controversy over the need for the baby to wear sunglasses.

2 netizen dispute: Summer baby travel want to wear sunglasses?  It is necessary to take sunglasses to protect the baby vision demon scratching thousands: I bought a pair of sunglasses for my son, feel still quite necessary, otherwise more dazzling ah.  Blue Goblin: Sunglasses can reduce ultraviolet radiation damage to the eyes.  No need to wear sunglasses prematurely harmful to the head: see a lot of babies are wearing but I am afraid to affect the baby's eyesight and vision!  Wild chrysanthemum: Can not wear glasses, Baby Sunglasses the big sun need to go out when we are all 2 people, 1 people dedicated to umbrella.  Little cake: bought, but she doesn't like to wear it. Clown charm: Scientific sunglasses should be able to block the invasion of ultraviolet rays, but the price is expensive. As for the cheap, the quality of the letter, afraid to hurt the eyes, do not wear it!

3 experts commented: The baby's eyes are in the development period, need extra care, especially to avoid too strong sunlight direct to the eye, and the sun mirror like a barrier to block and filter the damage to the eyes of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, Baby Sunglasses it is good for protecting your eyes to wear the right quality sunglasses for your baby.

4 because of the current market on the quality of sunglasses, parents are difficult to distinguish, so advised parents to buy sunglasses after the glasses sent to the corresponding professional testing agencies to do the test to prevent poor quality sunglasses damage children's eyes. Baby Sunglasses It is worth noting, however, that children under the age of 6 are not suitable for wearing sunglasses. 6 years old before the baby's visual function is not mature, but also need more sun stimulation, wearing sunglasses for a long time, fundus macular area can not be effective stimulation, will affect the further development of vision, serious people may even form amblyopia.