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There Are Many Kinds Of Sports Glasses

Jun 12, 2017

Today, the interest of small partners more and more widely, the urban population in order to get rid of the pressure of life, outdoor sports as a way to relieve stress. In the natural environment can seek to stimulate, but to prepare the necessary outdoor equipment, sports glasses is one of the essential. There are many kinds of sports glasses, different sports need different glasses, then how to choose? Here we come to talk about it!

Sports glasses are safety glasses that are worn during exercise, usually equipped with safety (PC lenses), protection (TR-90 frame, soft and elastic), comfortable (non-slip nose pads and feet), beautiful Sports, Sports Safety Glasses casual wear with) the effect.

The characteristics of sports glasses

Sports wear safety glasses must have a safe, protective, comfortable, beautiful role, in the purchase, to note: outdoor glasses must first be able to prevent ultraviolet rays, Sports Safety Glasses the UV filter can even reach 100%, in addition, Most of the outdoor glasses are polarized lenses, you can play the role of filtering light. Polarized lens after wearing the visual effects are very comfortable, more clear vision, driving, fishing, mountain snow, especially suitable. Good outdoor glasses are generally made of magnesium alloy material, soft texture, Sports Safety Glasses color Yan, do not fade.

The type of sports glasses

As a result of the variety of outdoor sports, including the limit of cycling, outdoor mountaineering, jogging, skiing, golf, camping and other sports, so, Sports Safety Glasses for different sports, sports glasses function requirements are different, soft and flexible selection Impact, movement safety protection face is not damaged. Sports Safety Glasses The framed design of the frame allows the eyes to keep the edges of the frame and prevent irritation in the fast-moving wind.