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When you give kids a choice of sunglasses, should pay attention to what detail?

May 17, 2016

1) Note UV logo

Sunglasses lenses or packaging should be "100% UV" and "uv400", "ultraviolet" logo. Don't take some plastic toy sunglasses for kids wear, otherwise not only failed to protect the child's eyes, it will damage their eyesight.

2) lens that smooth

When choosing sunglasses should pay attention to the lens surface is smooth, no waves, no flaw, no bubbles, no wear. Lenses to be flat from observation lenses with no warping in horizontal direction. Lenses should not be purchasing of marks, uneven surface or air bubbles.

3) preferred damage-resistant materials such as resin, PC

Lenses are the best choice for children damage-resistant materials such as resin, PC, these material high impact resistance, not easily broken, even under external impact, there is danger. Because a lot of naughty children prone to falls or collisions, if fragile children's sunglasses lenses it is easy to make children hurt.

4) to regular stores to buy

Choice of sunglasses for children must choose the regular way and the regular brands, because a lot of cheap sunglasses is likely to cause harm to a child's eye. Through product labelling, the "UV400" identifies the distinguishing itself whether children with eye disease should consult their doctor for wearing sunglasses, glasses for themselves again.