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Wearing the sunglasses you're also a big star

May 17, 2016

Concave shape, fashion, beauty of a pair of cool sunglasses are essential, you see the stars "street photography", the show is how many occasions not to wear Sun glasses? For the stars, Sun glasses is first and foremost the protection of privacy and avoid practical equipment is recognized by fans and paparazzi, and, most importantly, the right pair of sunglasses or a modified face, enhance the quality of the tool.

If you would take sunglasses charm radiates style as the star should be how to choose, express individuality? Facing a wide range of sunglasses styles and where to start? As brand 2015-2016 sunglasses for fall/winter new releases, each star "tide mirror Street" as has sprung up ... ... Don't worry, take a look at this season's sunglasses trends, ensuring you can easily get the sunglasses to suit your style and wear out your very own star style.