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Wearing sunglasses there to fashion a more healthy

May 17, 2016

As one of the most popular products, sunglasses design and fashion change is happening everywhere. Every year in different fashion trend, driven by, there are tens of thousands of sunglasses with shiny new attitude. Sunglasses have become the style of today, and don't forget it was the original intention was to block UV rays and protect your eyes.

From cheap goods to designer glasses, sunglasses and price vary. So, what are factors that determine the price difference? Expensive sunglasses do have really high quality?

Lens features

Yang Jing's price depends on frames and lenses. Different lenses, UV index and protection of glasses is also different.

Many people on the Internet or on-street shop to buy cheap sunglasses, just think glasses look so beautiful, in fact, no UV function, but only darker lens. As everyone knows, the darker the color of the lens, in dark eyes more expansion, but would absorb more ultraviolet light, has a serious injury to the eyes.

According to colour can also be the right choice for their own products. Brown lenses make vision clearer, the advantage of this is it and the lens closer to the natural color of green, can alleviate eye fatigue.