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The second seat belt-driver Polarized Sunglasses

May 17, 2016

Typically, sunlight is scattered in all directions when shooting objects, reflected light redirection, horizontal and perpendicular to the direction of light propagation of vibration of the two reflected light, which is what causes the blinding reflection of light, polarizing effect this is line of sight useless. Stimulated by the polarized light for a long time, dazzling, no lasting Visual will make eyes feel, and can cause eyestrain, not only recreational and affect people's emotions, even images of the judgment then the danger!

Dr Edwinland based on the principle of polarized, polarized lenses were invented. Polarized lenses made from a special filtering material with ordinary sunglasses are very different, its overall structure unique precision, filtered glare reflected light 99%, 96% harmful UV rays, like the shutters of principle, light up light into the room in the same direction, makes the scene look soft and not harsh. It also has shatterproof, anti-ground features.

Polarized lenses can make the driver's field of vision clear and broad, reduces fatigue, so it is fit to drive and the daily Sun.

According to authoritative statistics, pilots wear polarized glasses up to 8 meters at speed of 80 km/h braking capacity! So every driver should have a pair of polarized glasses, it can not only protect your eyes, more like a second belt, security escorts for you!