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Sunglasses are not just jewelry

May 17, 2016

Guo said the driver, drive out, met across the vehicle or behind the dazzling glare of headlights through mirrors, rear-view mirror a direct irritation of the eyes, makes the driver feel dizzy, fatigue, and even affect the judgment of drivers on the road ahead, and this phenomenon is particularly serious in the evening. Guo said that to be safe, love recommended that its purchase of sunglasses, but this knowledge is not understood, a friend recommended, spend a lot of money buying expensive, absolutely no problem.

So true is this? On May 11, Qi Ming XING County, Yulin City automobile service company head Zhang shuai said, sunglasses focuses on eyes and vision to protect, especially in bright light. He explained that the sunglasses just to block the glare of the Sun, nor used to be cool, and its quality are directly related to driving. First while driving, the driver to focus on looking ahead, but ahead in addition to sun glare, and pavement reflective, front rear reflective, reflective glass walls on both sides, and so on, so if there is no dark glasses for eye protection, it is easy to cause eye fatigue. Eye in the process of switching and dark environments, but also unable to instantly adapt to the effects of driving safety.

In fact, not just summer, winter a sunglasses are necessary, particularly in snow, snow covers the ground, between heaven and Earth are all white, short time, you will feel very sad eyes in dark areas is difficult to adapt to, which is often mentioned before "snow blindness" phenomenon.