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How to wear a glasses correctly

Jun 11, 2016

How to wear a glasses correctly

1, not free to wear someone else's glasses, everyone's glasses lens or two lenses optical Center distances between, leg length, the height of the nose pads are not the same, so you can't take someone else's glasses.

2, can not be forcibly twisted glasses frame, hand-picking, when wearing glasses, frames can be caused due to uneven stress deformation of glasses, so when picked, wearing glasses, be sure to use both hands. Should always check whether the spectacle frames on the screws loose and deformation of the frame. If the screw is loose, tighten in a timely manner to avoid lens fall off break.

3, frame spectacle frame not too loose or too tight, glasses of two leg distance, feet bend to the right, spectacle is not too loose or too tight. Eyes must be on the optical center of the lens, or a Prism effect will occur, people appear distorted vision, dizziness, dizzy, eye soreness, fatigue and other symptoms, there is even a squint.