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Glasses wine bottle?

May 17, 2016

You ever want to drink beer without a bottle opener, had to bite with their teeth to open the bottle of "raw" inelegant method? Now, we want to introduce this sunglasses can allow you to avoid such rude in public places open at the same time, also is a tool to show off to their friends. This Creative Studio William Painter brings dual-use sunglasses, usually used as ordinary sunglasses, blocking sunlight and protect eyes when when you drink with friends, partying, it turned into a unique sunglasses bottle opener!

Creative Studio chief foreign correspondent, this dual-use sunglasses with aerospace industry dedicated titanium alloy and flexibility, Super strength of cellulose acetate, making it at the time as a pair of sunglasses, has the characteristics of a comfortable fit, and when used as a bottle opener, "strength" is quite enough without losing the traditional bottle opener. Not only that, this dual-use lenses that take CR-39 polarized lenses are made of is different from the traditional glass lenses, the polarized lenses super thin and very rugged, even more expensive than heavy glass lenses "enduring".