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Do you think children wear sunglasses are really cool? Over 6 years of age

May 17, 2016

1. children should not wear sunglasses?

Children are more transparent than adults, so it is unable to withstand ultraviolet harassment, UV can damage the corneal epithelium in children, can cause burns to the macular area of the retina, and theoretically should wear sunglasses. But before the age of 6, please do not send their own children to wear sunglasses.

At present, the sunglasses on the market quality and parent it is hard to tell, so prudent, it is not recommended that children wear sunglasses. If you have to buy the little child, to choose a Polarized Sunglasses and glasses to take appropriate professional bodies to do testing to prevent inferior sunglasses injured the child's eyes.

3. the difference between more than 10 Yuan and hundreds of children's sunglasses

Differences in lens material selection. Inferior sunglasses are mostly plastic lenses, neither Sun, can also cause damage to the eyes.

In addition, poor quality sunglasses make rough, often excessive diopter, lens thickness, uneven color, optical performance problems. Long wear can easily lead to blurred vision, headaches, dizziness, Vertigo, fatigue, which can also lead to decreased Visual acuity.