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Difference between Polarized Sunglasses and visor mirrors?

May 17, 2016

Sunglasses of the most important is to prevent light, but after wearing the sunglasses will find some light sunglasses are irresistible.

Lots of sunglasses was found, was wearing sunglasses do not meet your requirements, especially as the driver, outdoor activities, sensitivity to light or eye surgery for people, ordinary sunglasses can't play very good role. And can prevent glare became ordinary sunglasses and Polarized Sunglasses main differences. Polarized Sunglasses into the population over the sunglasses of choice.

Usually, when the Sun came down onto the object from all sides while, the light reflection will form again reflected light in both vertical and horizontal. Horizontal light causes glare, impact of vision and useless polarizing. Wearing glasses the main purpose is to filter the light.

General sunglasses just using less light. Because lenses generally cannot filter the light, so I can only reduce glare, UV light, strength, and not fully block harmful rays, its function is to reduce eye injuries, while ordinary sunglasses was popular, its biggest advantage is popular, fashionable.